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So Jay hopped right back to New York after the show to do some business I hear, probably bringing Beyonce back from North Carolina as well I'm sure. He made a stop by his 40/40 club to watch the NCAA Championship (Kansas won if you missed it) and was chillin’ with his boys.

Hitting the streets of NYC with a kool-aid smile, he simply said “Thank You” when congratulated on his presumed wedding to Beyonce. WATCH VIDEO HERE.

Of course everyone is throwing out those conspiracy theories because the wasn’t sporting a wedding ring, however my thought on it is this why the pair got matching tattoos on their ring finger with something that is obviously significant to them. As you can imagine these two have extravagant taste and I am sure the wedding bands, if they chose to get them, are pretty pricey and not for everyday wear. Hence the tattoos on the ring finger, which they got on their rendezvous in Paris for Jay’s birthday. That makes me think they got engaged then and instead of a ring, they set it in stone, or ink in this case. Watch people start do that more now…

So for me, I wouldn’t expect him to have a ring at all times, especially not Beyonce with red carpets, photoshoots, concerts. Too many opportunities for it to get lost. Maybe when they are settled in their million dollar home with 2.5 kids and a dog, they’ll rock their blinged out rocks!

Oh and in other Carter-Knowles gossip, people are throwing around the pregnancy rumors, however I can’t co-sign on that. I would think that Beyonce is a bit too calculated for that.

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