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Monday, April 21, 2008
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Jay Midnyte hit me up and tagged my ass…Any reason to talk about myself, so check it out…

The Rules:
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6 Unspectacular Quirks about Melody, The Pop Culture Junkie:

1. I totally practice smiling with my eyes like I’m on America’s Next Top Model. I always need to be ready when the cameras are flashing.

2. I sing Celine Dion and A Bey Bey, like I’m really them. Facial expressions and everything.

3. I am constantly looking in the mirror. I have a mirror everywhere. It is an unconscious habit that I believe developed because I was the only child for 10 years and my father put me in front of the mirror to entertain myself.

4. I am addicted to flossing. That’s a good addiction right, better than crack!? Halitosis is a serious epidemic in the world today.

5. I own more perfume than any one person can use. But I smell great! I also carry deodorant in my purse at all times.

6. I have totally fallen in love all over again with Nokio, yes the Nokio from Dru Hill. I met him this weekend at the Ladies Night Out Show [With BBD, don’t worry Ronnie, you will always be the original B. Diddy, and Ketih Sweat, who’s show was the same show I saw when I was 14! His hype man was a hot shimmying mess]. Any way Nokio is sweet as pie. Unfortunately, my ass left my camera at home on the charger and didn’t even think to use my phone to take a pic…SMH. Just gotta take my word for it. FYI: they are headed back to Maryland to record before more shows in about a month, with the new addition Tao, I’m interested in hearing them, they still all have great voices.

Okay…now I am tagging Necole Bitchie, Str8 Outta NYC, Urban Hoopla, IPS, The E-Biz, and Celeb-Blitz.