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Thursday, April 17, 2008
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According to, Beyonce and Jay-Z were connected at the hip at the post-show dinner in L.A. last night. [Awwwe] An intimate group, including Christina Aguilera and Mary J. Blige, enjoyed fancy fiddles in a four-course meal from Dakota at the Tropicana Bar. Through out the night spies say the pair were looking happily in love.
After the rapper's sold-out show at the Hollywood Bowl in L.A. Wednesday night, the inseparable duo headed to his private dinner and after-party at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel's Tropicana Bar. Neither wore a wedding ring, but in all other ways they were the picture of wedded bliss.

Knowles, 26, arrived just after 11 p.m. with Destiny's Child member Michelle Williams by her side – and her groom just a few steps behind, letting her lead the way. They headed upstairs to the "bridge" above the Tropicana Bar where they held their private dinner for 40 friends and family catered by the hotel's upscale steakhouse, Dakota.

Jay-Z, 38, stayed by Knowles's side all night – only slipping away for a few minutes to change from his concert clothes into a dapper dark suit.

When he returned, Beyoncé – who, sources say, was joined by her mom Tina and sister Solange – cuddled up next to her man at one of the many large long tables set up for the private dinner.

At several points during the dinner, Knowles wrapped her arms around the rapper and rubbed his back. At other times, she would lean her head against his shoulder and hold him tightly. "She looked as if she never wanted to let him go," said an onlooker.

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