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Tuesday, May 06, 2008
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Rihanna shows off her tour-ready figure on the cover of June’s Elle Magazine…Can’t deny that she's quite photogenic!

In her interview, she speaks on those pesky love rumors and more…
On the rumor about a relationship with Jay-Z:
“Well, it’s crazy that you ask me that. People know that it’s not true,” she says, straightening up. “I think it’s kinda a cliché question, and people know it’s not true, so I don’t even know why it’s still addressed to this day. I get asked about it all the time and I’m like, You’re asking, but you know the answer. I don’t even like to address it anymore.”

On Chris Brown:
“We’ve always been friends, but we’re very close now.”

Rihanna on her hair:
“I kept telling my managers, I’m cutting my hair. I’m cutting my hair. And they’re like, ‘How short? Not too short. Cut it how short?’ And I’m like, ‘Up to here,’ ” Rihanna says, raising her hand up to her ear. “They never believed me. So when it was time to do the album cover [for Good Girl], the night before I cut it, I dyed it black. We went straight to the photo shoot, and no one at the record label knew what I looked like. When we sent the pictures over, they saw the hair and they all loved it. They loved it.”

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On set with her adorable little brother…

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