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Usher stopped by TRL today and can I just say what everyone is thinking... Usher, stop the damn whining! As Usher's album, Here I Stand, drops today, all he can talk about is the fact that he fired his mama, his mama didn't come to his wedding, he married a man, blah blah blah...

Tell me why I should buy your damn album, Ursh!?

As he hits the promotional road, he speaks to EW about his mom's wedding boycott:

''My mother made a decision not to come to my wedding because she didn't really agree with my decision,'' he explains, declining to specify whether she disagreed with his choice of wife or his decision to fire her. ''I don't know why,'' he offers simply. ''She's never told me and I've never asked her. It hurt me very much not to see her there 'cause I would've liked for her to be there, not to mention that I paid so much money for her to be accommodated and her behind didn't show up. [Laughs] But just as she's made stands, so have I.''
In other Usher tantums, word on the curb is that he pulled some bitchassness on the set of "Dancing with the Stars" last week, showing up late and fumbling twice causing delaying in recording.