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Both have new mags, [Chris on Ebony and Rihanna for Elle] and now a paparazzi is claiming to be roughed up after trying to snap a pic of the lovebugs/BFFs in Florida...
Tampa Bay Times photographer Luis Santana, 25, claims he was chased and pinned down by minders, who swiped his $3,000 camera, when he tried to take pictures of Brown arriving at St. Petersburg's Vintage Ultra Lounge.

Santana alleges he was left with abrasions and bruises on his chest, back and arms.
He says, "I've shot many many celebrities and this was just another notch on my belt. Then it just turned sour."

Police are investigating four unnamed male suspects, who left the scene in a limousine.
In her interview with Elle she addressed the rumored romance and simply says they are "very close friends," but you don't summons beat downs for just any old friend, do you?

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