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OMG, this is the fuckery I wake up to on a Monday morning. K-Ci and JoJo were performing at the Enmore Theater in Sydney, Australia and K-Ci walks off stage mid-show and then JoJo passes clean out on stage...

As the chick on the video says..."God bless is his soul!"

First, there was drama from the start when the promoter advertised numerous dates in Australia for a Jodeci "Reunion Tour" with guest Johnny Gill. Apparently only K-Ci and JoJo got the memo, because they were the only ones to show up. Plus, they only showed up for the one date 8/23 while the others where canceled. People paid $92 bucks for the tickets to catch all 55 minutes of the tom foolery displayed above in the video!

NOW, K-Ci went on air with Cipha Sounds of Hot 97 to try to clear up the "disturbing" video... He says JoJo epileptic and had a seizure, and not on drugs [insert side eye here] but they "do drink their Moet!" AND I take offense to dude calling us "douchebag bloggers" because clearly they are looking crackish...I'm not saying they are crackheads, they are just look a little crackish!


Thanks JoeBlogzzz for the video clips. Peep the extended version where they hug it out and you see JoJo complete effed up after the jump!