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Jay Z has way of staying on top, so it's no surprise he made the list of New York's Top 40 in Time Out New York’s 40th anniversary issue. In his profile interview he reveals his thing for Diana Ross, working with Nas, and still keeps mum about wife Beyonce.
What about favorite moments?
Jay-Z: Damn.

What comes to mind?
Jay-Z: That’s a difficult one. I always relate it back to music—I don’t have a life outside of that. Playing the Garden, headlining that for the first time, was—Oh! I have my greatest moment! I don’t even know how I forgot this! When I was a teenager, early teenage years—maybe later, I went to see Diana Ross in Central Park, in the rain, the infamous “in the rain.” And it started raining and everyone started running. And I’m running and slid down the entire hill. Oh, it was the greatest day.

Diana was pretty hot. Were you old enough to—
Jay-Z: Yeah, I had hormones. I thought she was fantastic. Her hair was blowing. The rain was hitting her face, and her outfit was, well—It was working for me. And she really braved it out, still trying to go in a torrential rainstorm. I don’t know who said “run,” but everyone started running. I don’t even know—me and my friend. I don’t know what two guys were doing at a Diana Ross concert, but [Laughs] anyway, I think we was already in the city, okay? We slid, got up and kept running to the train.

You’re the only rapper on this list. We were considering Nas but have this 13-year rule: People on this list had to have had an impact in the last 13 years. And Illmatic was 1994. Should we have included him?
Jay-Z: Ah, wow! [Laughs] That’s a tough question. [Pauses] Yeah, only because of the impact of that album, when it’s considered one of the best albums ever created, you have to document that.

And B? What was your first meeting with your wife like?
Jay-Z: I can’t answer that question. [Laughs] Come on now.

Seriously? You guys wrote a song about being in love.
Jay-Z: I’m actually pretty open, especially in the music. And in conversation, when I get to know people. But there’s one side of my life I tend to keep quiet. You have to have some time of sanity. You can’t live with everything out there. You have to have sanctuary.
Diana Ross = Deena James, he must had fun with that! But I am amazed at him and Bey's have been so closed tight about there relationship. When dating, I get it, but the silent treatment about being married is just slightly weird. But it keeps up guessing and on the look out for any little sign of their marriage. I think they are strategically planning to keep it all private so they can write a book or something and cash in on the details!

Read the full interview here.

In other Jay Z news, both 50 Cent and Oasis has recently taken shots at him!

According to, 50 Cent claims Beyonce made Jay Z saying, "I'm a big fan of Jay-Z, but outside of the States and hip-hop circles, no one really knew who he was until he married Beyonce." I don't know, 50 is starting to sound real bitchy lately. It's not becoming of him at all.

Now remember when Jay Z played Gastonbury, to the criticism of the festival fave Oasis, and he came out singing Oasis' "Wonderwall?" Well they came back, a little late though, with a whole diss track! This is just plain laughable. Pop on Rap Beef? Listen to the song here.

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