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Wednesday, March 21, 2007
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usChris Brown will release his sophomore album, Exclusive, in August on Jive Records.

"It's kind of like a back-to-school present for everybody," Brown told MTV News at Dub magazine's Custom Auto Show & Concert in Los Angeles last weekend. "We coming with more videos, more explosive dance moves and more vocal abilities. So we gonna have fun."

The album's first single is still up in the air, according to Brown, but he's debating between two tracks: "Picture Perfect" and "Throwed." Brown didn't want to give up too many details about the two songs, but he said fans should be able to hear one of them soon, possibly within the next two weeks.

Currently, the Virginia native is gearing up to join Beyoncé as the opening act on the Australian leg of her tour. Initially Brown had hopes of pairing with Justin Timberlake (see "Chris Brown Says 'Gimme That' To Bow Wow Reunion, Timberlake Tour"), but when those plans didn't materialize, he quickly jumped at the chance to team up with B. He hastened to say that he has no intention of upstaging her.