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Boris Kodjoe and his children, Sophia and Nicholas, are featured in the new June issue of Ebony Magazine, which originally was to be Ludacris...Due to the controversy around Hip Hop, Ludacris again suffers as Ebony pulled him just as Pepsi did.
The Don Imus-fueled controversy over misogynistic rap lyrics surrounds Ebony magazine’s recent decision to pull rapper Ludacris from the cover of its June issue on “the New Black Fathers” and replace him with actor, Boris Kodjoe, reports Journal-isms. “Something has changed in America in the last few weeks,” Bryan Monroe, editorial director of Ebony and Jet magazines, told Journal-isms, without disclosing the identity of the rapper. As president of the National Association of Black Journalists, Monroe led the movement to have Imus fired. “I think the media is being called to account in these areas,” Monroe said.Free Image Hosting at
I personally think that is really shady of Ebony, especially since Ludacris just lost his father and is indeed a good father, no matter what his profession. Additionally, Luda is one the the most "clean" rapper who doesn't rap about extreme violence, drugs, and guns...Hell the man made a hit record about teen runaways!

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