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Friday, May 11, 2007

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Apparently, Selita didn't get engaged...this was posted on her MYSPACE:
I HAVE TO CLEAR UP SOMETHING…..SELITA ENGAGED? NO WAY I must tell you, everyone thinks Nick and I are engaged but yet we are really not…I had to talk to him after the proposal because I felt he didn’t really do it for the right reasons…it was like a publicity stunt and all..I didn’t to much care for it at all…all I did was hug him and whispered in his ear “We truely need to talk for sure!…Which we did and this is why I’m not engaged right now! Thanks to you all for the blessings but I’m sorry the media had lead you astray! Don’t believe the hype of the media!
WOW, this is from MySpace which isn't entirely credible, but if it's true that gotta hurt! Poor Nick...He should have known after 3 months! At least she is smart enough to know and not fool around pretending to get engaged or even married.

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