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Friday, August 24, 2007

Here's the first look at that model hopefuls for the upcoming cycle of America's Next Top Model. Initially there seems to be a good mix of girl, though I still don't see a strong level of diversity, though there are 4 African American girls this season, but the past has proved that it won't last long. I was hoping to see more Asian Americans or Indian Americans.

The new season premieres on September 19th on The CW.

Continue reading to see the individual shots of the next set of contestants who are in the running to be. America's. Next. Top..... Model!

Ambreal, Dallas | Bianca, Queens | Chantal, Austin

Ebony, Chicago | Heather, Indiana | Jenah, Connecticut

Janet, Georgia | Kimberly, Florida | Lisa, Jersey City

Mila, Boston | Sarah, Massachusetts | Saleisha, L.A.

Victoria, Connecticut

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