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Wednesday, January 16, 2008
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Ne-Yo addressed a number of thing with, from the R. Kelly Tour, to being gay, to his baby mama [that's not really his baby] drama... That's the most interesting part for me. Ne-Yo seems to not filter he words from his brain to his mouth so we get the good on what going on with their court situation... You’ve been the target of many rumors, but I love that you keep it moving. Let’s address the rumor regarding your financial dispute with your son’s mom, who was supposedly getting evicted due to your refusing to pay child support. Is that true?

There is truth to some of it. She was being evicted because I refused to pay her rent any longer once I found out her child was not my biological son. But I’ve been his father since the day he came on his earth so I told her anything he needs I got him, but you are a grown a-- woman with working arm and legs—ain’t nothing wrong with you so go get yourself a job. Why in the world would she try to take you to court after you agreed to give financial support in raising her son?

She wasn’t happy with the amount I offered to give her and said, ‘No, I need more.’ So she decided to take me to court. I asked her why and told her she wouldn’t win because he was my not biological son. So I said, ‘Fine, you get nothing. Let’s go to court.’ Whoa! So why did you wait to get a blood test?

Well, she told me when she got pregnant that it could be between me and another guy, so I knew that from the beginning. When the baby was born everyone assumed that he was mine because he looked so much like me so no one really questioned it except my mother because she never trusted her and urged me to get a blood test. How did that discovery affect you?

: It hurt me for a minute, but you know.... Do you still see him?

No, because she doesn’t allow me to, so what can I do? As a mother she has the right, I don’t.

Well, I can't blame him. She's duck for trying to ask for more money when that's not his child. The family court doesn't uphold verbal agreements and if he's not legally the father he has no requirement to support him. Hope he didn't put his name on the birth certificate...that's a legal document so then he could be held liable, but other than that he's doesn't have to pay anything.

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