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Wednesday, January 02, 2008
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Ne-Yo may have been dismissed from the Double Up Tour, but he still wants his paper homie! Ne-Yo is suing the promoter Rowe Entertainment for the full amount negotiated to open for your boyfriend Kells.

The suit maintains Ne-Yo, born Shaffer Smith, was to be paid $785,000 for opening the 25-stop tour alongside singers Keyshia Cole and J. Holiday. The outing began Nov. 14, and Ne-Yo was fired prior to the third show on Nov. 19 and is still owed $735,000. Compound Touring and Smith are seeking unspecified damages.

Ne-Yo claims that "an unknown representative of R. Kelly urged Rowe to terminate Smith from the tour given the audience's and critics' more favorable reaction to Smith than the reaction to R. Kelly," the suit states. Compound Touring spent "substantial monies in preparation for the tour and turned down other touring and performance opportunities for Smith in reliance on Rowe's agreement that Smith would perform on the tour," according to the suit.

Sounds like a long court battle to me. He'll have to prove he was unjustly removed from the tour, which is subjective already, to say that he should be paid the remaining balance for work not done.

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