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Hopefully one day Tupac will rest in peace…when people stop trying to cash in on these conspiracy theories. The L.A. Times apologized for the article it ran linking the 1994 shooting of Tupac to Diddy, B.I.G., Jimmy Henchman and others.
"The bottom line is that the documents we relied on should not have been used," Editor Russ Stanton said in a story posted Wednesday night on the newspaper's Web site. "We apologize both to our readers and to those referenced in the documents ... and in the story."

Pulitzer-prize winning reporter Chuck Philips, who wrote the story, and his supervisor, Deputy Managing Editor Marc Duvoisin, also apologized.
The Smoking Gun claimed the documents were fabricated by a prison inmate with a history of exaggerating his place in the rap music world.

Makes me think of…

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