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Loyal reader Kim sent me a full report on the "Heart of the City" Tour after it rolled through Baltimore, so if you are still trying to decide if you want to go (and drop that $150 plus on a ticket) she makes quite a convincing case to go ahead and handle that...
My homegirl & I was on the floor (maybe a good…20 feet away for the stage) good seats. First off The Dream started his thing at 7:30; he did 3 songs and had his little dancers pour baby oil on each other! He was cool, sounded good. When he left the lights came back on and we waited for a good 30 minutes, I think they were waiting for people to get seated cuz there were still a lot of seats empty. Around 8 the lights cut off and they start playing a black & white movie/interview with Mary & Jay talking about why it’s a good idea for them to tour. Anyway they came out posing in their b-boy stance and started singing Can’t Knock The Hustle! It was rocking. Jay left and Mary started to do her thing. She went through a lot of her old songs (Real Love, You Remind Me, etc) She sung like 3 songs off her new album including Just Fine but she didn’t sing Hurt Again which was still cool even thought I was waiting for it. Of course she did No More Drama and rocked it! Oh and I saw Kendu and the kids, I think they gave her good luck hugs and kisses b4 the show. Mel she was so good…then the lights went down again. A movie with just Jay came one and we knew what that meant...the crowd went bananas! He started with I Know (OMG Mel he looked SO good, had his shades on with some baggy jeans and a fly shirt and jacket. I know he’s like almost 40 but I love him in that. And he blinging of course dripping with diamonds around he neck and wrist) he sung, my bad rapped like 2 more songs off of AG, brought Bleek out and did Can I Live(I heard later Freeway was backstage and kinda mad that Bleek went out and not him since he has a new song out but that what I heard plus that’s Bleek, his BFF for life) anyway…he did the Blue Magic with his politics with Barack(you know F-Bush) Melody I was in such awe, I mean I love Mary that’s my girl from wayyyy back, me and her have history but Jay-Z. I was trying to rock out with everyone but I was just paying attention/studying that man. I had so much fun, I’m partly deaf now (might b a good idea to bring some of those soft ear plugs) but it was so dope. We had so much fun. OMG I wish I could turn back time.
Yeah...totally make you want to go! I sure will be there!

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