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Friday, July 11, 2008
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Is Cassie done F’ing for records with boss Diddy? Is the jump off love affair over? According to Us Weekly, she confirmed the rumored relationship and subsequent split with Diddy…
Diddy and singer Cassie are no longer dating, she tells -- but that didn't stop them from leaving a NYC party together Wednesday night.

"I will confirm that rumor," the 21-year-old told reporters who asked her to confirm split rumors at DJ Cassidy's birthday at Cipriani 23rd Street.

Though Cassie tells Us she's not seeing anyone special "right now," a party source spotted Diddy and Cassie "slipping out" together after the soiree ended.
I don’t know about all this…it's all just a bit convoluted! How can you confirm the split of a jump off situation? That’s the point of being the jump off, you jump on and jump off. No commitment.

Anyhoo, we all saw the pics of their Mother’s Day rendezvous at Central Park. They looked pretty cozy then, but when you have a new single to ram down our throats, scandal sure helps your promotion. But seriously, can we get a DiddyTV response to the madness, we all know she wasn’t signed to Bad Boy because she could sing.

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