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[Barack Obama looking very cool on the cover of Ebony's 8 cover "Cool Black Men" edition]

First of all, why is Jesse Jackson even on Fox News? That's the first "WTF?" Secondly, why must the Black on Black hate be dragged into the Obama campaign? Jesse is on some pure dee bitchassness... I felt bad for the other guy, he looked like Mike Myers next to Kanye West. To make the ish worse, he even pulls a jab move to illustrate the cutting of the nuts. WTF?

Jesse tried to apologize but he can keep it moving...this is what you call tearin' your drawls with your people. No other words for the foolery!

In other Obama news, after his daughters were featured in an interview this weekend with Access Hollywood, he has said it will be their last since so many people took issue. My thing about it is, that it was his whole family with wife Michelle and the young girls had few words. It shows that he a great family man, I thought it was adorable that Malia helped school her dad on how to connect with children. Nothing more, nothing less. People get so sensitive over the most insignificant things...

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