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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

During a recent interview with MTV 50 Cent was grilled on the latest drama involving his son’s mother Shaniqua, who has blames 50 for the burning of his Connecticut home.

50 shied away from saying too much about the situation but when pushed he says this is the toughest thing he had to deal with…

"My relationship with my son is changing because me and his mom aren't friends anymore," he added, giving a more in-depth explanation. "There's different channels I have to go through. He has lawyers appointed to him through the court. So I have to talk to his lawyer to get things situated for me to for me to actually get him. The relationship between my wallet and his mom has changed. When people have expensive habits, it's a hell of a transition for them when that money is not there anymore. She said all kind of things about me I never would expect."

50 surmised that the discord between him and Tompkins has put their child in a difficult situation.

"I think he doesn't want his mom to feel like he's a traitor," the rapper said. " ... The time I spent away is the time he developed this thing he's afraid to break with her. There's nothing you can do about that. This is the toughest [thing I've had to face], because he's my motivation."