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Sherri Shepherd is sharing more than we may have wanted to know in her recent feature in the Christian women's magazine Precious Times.
"My sister was heavy into drugs, and we would have to go and get her from crack houses," Shepherd, 41, says.

At the time, the stand-up comic — then a Jehovah's Witness – was "in a very physically abusive relationship," she said. "I was sleeping with a lot of guys and had more abortions than I would like to count."

She said her self-esteem became so low, "I felt if someone killed me, it wouldn't even make a difference."

But after converting to Christianity, she said, "God showed me that it would make a difference." [SOURCE]
Sherri also shares more about her divorce after her husband cheated on her and got another woman pregnant, which she says faith helped her get through.

I'm no one to judge so if her sharing helps another, then that's fab. Plus, I know faith can get you through the storms of life. So Amen, speak on it. Sounds like she's been through some ish too. Maybe a book deal will come her way?!