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Tuesday, October 14, 2008
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Beyonce made her video rounds hitting uo TRL and later BET to officially drop off her two singles... She also confirmed the double-disc release I Am... and that she will be performing on TRL's finale on November 16th at 8pm. Tuesday's episode was dedicated to counting down Beyoncé's greatest video achievements.

About her alter ego driven release she says, "I recorded over 70 songs, and I took a lot of time and made sure it was something that would last forever, something that never goes out."

Look out for the Spanish release of "If I Were a Boy," she recorded the vocals earlier this week and the rerecorded version should hit radio next week. As with her last release, B'Day, she will shoot a video for each song on the album and release a video anthology in February of 2009 along with a Spanish release of I Am... damn. Money in the bank.