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Thursday, October 23, 2008
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Here is the studio version of Etta James' wedding classic "At Last" from the upcoming Cadillac Records Soundtrack. Of course she gives a flawless vocal performance, I'm glad she kept strict to the original and didn't overpower it with Sasha. Etta's version is just so beautiful, it deserves to remain simple. The movie will be released December 5th, but a video for the track with clips of the movie is set to premiere in the coming weeks.

Beyonce recent revealed to press that she gained about 15-20 lbs to play the role of Etta James.

Plus check out flicks of Bey-Z out on a date, partying at 1 OAK Nightclub in the Chelsea district at a cocktail party celebrating Diddy’s cover of the “Black on Black” cover of L’Uomo Vogue’s October 2008 Music Issue, before heading out for dinner and drinks!

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Check out Keri Hilson's next single where Timbaland "Returns the Favor" for her debut album, In a Perfect World... which is set to finally be released on December 9th... A very space age video.

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Check out a behind the scenes look at the making of Ludacris' new video for "One More Drink" co-starring T-Pain which I am really feeling. This is said to be Luda's funniest video ever! Directed by Chris Robinson, the video was shot in Atlanta at Noir. Check out more pictures from on the set HERE.

I'm looking forward to Theater of the Mind...

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008
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This is one treacherous mug shot! Yikes.

Whoa Chester! That's Lyfe Jenning's government name. He was arrested Sunday after being chased by police for shooting a gun in the air and then fleeing.

AJC reports that it all started when he bust down the door looking for his wife/manager Joy Pound and two sons in Smyrna, Ga.
He posted a $50,000 bond Monday night. Jennings could not be reached for comment. In addition to the gun charges and trespassing, he has been charged with eluding police and driving under the influence.

Jennings served 10 years in prison from 1992-2002 on a felony charge when he was 14.

Smyrna police chased Jennings after receiving a call about a gunshot fired. Police followed Jennings in his red Corvette along Concord Road, where he was going about 70 mph according to the warrant.

Once he was stopped, Jennings refused a field sobriety test. The warrant said he “had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage” coming from his breath.
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The ongoing soap opera that is Usher and Tameka Foster his aired a new episode. After pictures of Usher and a mysterious woman surfaced and Tameka arriving at Tyler Perry's Studio Opening solo and pregnant, the rumors of separations seem more like reality.

Scoop nabber Jawn Murray laid out more juicy details about their all but confirmed separation...
...on Oct. 1, I got a call from a woman whose name for now I will withhold claiming to be a "friend" of the Raymonds and "concerned because Usher was having an extramarital affair."

After a bunch of hemming and hawing about how she "didn't want her name mentioned" and how she was "only calling me to do the right thing," this alleged "friend" of the couple went on to accuse a fellow R&B/Pop singer of being Usher's mistress.

After checking out this alleged extramarital affair I realized that the dates in question were improbable because Usher and the alleged mistress were in two separate countries for two and a half months of this alleged affair.

Further research allowed me to discover that days after my call from the "friend" of the Raymonds – this being the same weekend as the opening of Tyler Perry's studio in Atlanta to be specific – the singer in question and several of her associates got a call from Foster-Raymond tipping them off Usher & Tameka's wedding photothat this story was bubbling under and that "someone had warned her about it."

Upset, confused and completely blindsided, said singer then phoned Usher, who was both shocked and outraged by the whole ordeal.

Sources close to the situation tell me that this caused him to reach his breaking point and he made it clear that he believed his wife was behind the entire thing.
READ MORE OF THE LONG DRAWN OUT STORY! Lots of "oh really?" moments! Jawn usually keeps it real and true, so the I believe what he wrote is good as true... We all knew the "hook by crook" chick was no good from day one however his personal life has always been a part of his marketing plan for his album. This time it's not really working because his album sales are pretty poo!

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News broke today that Lil Wayne is a new daddy of a baby boy...

Word on the curb is that the young lady is neither Nivea or his ex-wife, but a 22-year old student from the University of Cincinnati named "Sarah B." Apparently she met him 3 years ago and have been off and on since. Report from Christ Hospital in Cincinnati say Weezy was in the delivery room waiting for the new arrival. I also hear that despite publicly announcing the arrival of his new son at the BET Awards this weekend, he has requested a DNA test. Understood.

To add to the growing buzz surrounding this story, word is that he and Nivea are very much engaged and living together in the ATL.

All hear say at this point though!

Update: According to Miss Info, she got the following info from a "celebrity drama insider."
“Sarah B—-w is her name…my ex use to sleep with her too so that’s how I found out.

He wouldn’t really get into it ‘cuz he only told me that to basically be like “why would I be f—in’ her while she is pregnant by anotha n—a?”

She has “Mrs. Carter” tattooed on her chest. She deleted her myspace but it did say she wuz in a relationship and dat she is pregnant with a boy and is due this month…[she] even had pregnant photos up. So I don’t know, I’m believing it….She’s Vietnamese and white. Oh and she’s a lil girl. She just turned 21 in August and this is goin to be her 2nd child.”
My girl Stylerazzi has sources that say she went to Lakota West High School in West Chester, Ohio.

UPDATE PART DEAUX: Miss Info has the flicks of the chick... There are others pictures floating around of a more stripper-esque chick.


Yeezy dropped by Big Boy's neighborhood to talk about the new album, 808s & Heartbreak. He speaks on why he's going beyond just rapping, making the album, his new track "Coldest Winter Ever," and his mother.

Great tidbits about him...


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New music from J. Holiday! ...and it's about getting high, er or higher! No surprise but baby boy can sing about curtains and microwaves for me. I can see this is a mixtape joint or even maybe a album track. Not a single, though. Love the 70s funk sample as well.

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I've never heard this song a day in my life until tonight, let alone knew Mike Epps was rapping now?! I'm not a big girl, but too all my voluptuous vixens, this is for YOU!

Pure "Grade A" Shits & Giggles!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This little firecracker did the damn thing to Beyonce's "Single Ladies!" Thanks to LexAve for this nugget of pure sweet fruit loop joy!
Monday, October 20, 2008

I love Musiq Soulchild's second single, "IfULeave" with Mary J. Blige. I like their voices together. The video is beautifully shot, love the day/night contrast, and the split screen at the end.

Random thought: I need to know why Musiq is anti-spaces in titles? Should have asked him that...

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Here's the first look at stills from the upcoming film, Cadillac Records starring Adrien Brody as Leonard Chess, Jeffrey Wright as Muddy Waters, Emmanuelle Chriqui as Revetta Chess, Mos Def as Chuck Berry, Beyonce Knowles as Etta James, Gabrielle Union as Geneva Wade, Columbus Short as Little Walter, and Cedric the Entertainer as Willie Dixon.

A tale of sex, violence, race and rock and roll in 1950's Chicago, Cadillac Records follows the the rise and fall of Chess Records and the exciting but turbulent lives of some of America's musical legends, including Muddy Waters, Leonard Chess, Little Walter and Howlin’ Wolf and Elvis Presley. It will open in theaters December 5th.

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Ryan Leslie is back in the studio and has pushed his album back to February of 2009. Why? Extreme leakage of album. He's no Kanye, only he can leak his own ish and people still buy it. As he says, and I agree, he needs more exposure...
This clip opens with me playing back an extended instrumental arrangement of I-R-I-N-A with some overdubs by my man Jermaine Parrish on drums and Al Carty on bass.

Inspired, I decided to re-visit one of my favorite songs called 'Just Right'. Here's a look at that session. I had to rebuild it from scratch as one of my hard drives had crashed and many sessions had been lost. I love the new elements, and here's to you loving them too...

For everyone that's been asking, I'll be releasing the album in February. The main reason why it's been pushed back is very simple: I need more exposure!


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The reports and rumors are flying out of the ATL as the BET Hip Hop Awards went down his weekend. From what I hear, there are plenty of highs and lows and foolery! T-Pain replaced Katt Williams, but not for the reason BET wants you to believe. Lil' Wayne dropped a bomb about a baby martian on the way. Salt-N-Pepa reunited and absolutely killed it! But where did they find Lady Rage? Ciara and 50 Cent wouldn't even look each other's way, hmmm.

Read all about it @ Necole Bitchie and Straight from the A!

More scoop to come... The show airs October 23rd!

Isn't that what all men want?

T.I. describes what he finds attractive in a woman. First being a woman that is secure with herself. Like Tiny, you have to be secure with yourself to have 4 different colors of hair. Just saying.