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Wednesday, September 27, 2006
If you are a fan of the MTV Show Run's House, then you know the last season ended with Justine being pregnant with what she hoped was a girl, unfortunately she has suffered a terrible loss. After watching both seasons you feel like you know the family on some level and so it is such sad and shocking news...

A rapper's wife gave birth Thursday, but the scene quickly turned to tragedy after their newborn girl was pronounced dead.

Rev Run, a.k.a. Joseph Simmons, shocked fans last year when he announced that his wife Justine was pregnant on his MTV reality show "Rev's House."

Justine's pregnancy was the cliffhanger on the MTV show last season. It generated intense interest among viewers who have been anxiously following the pregnancy and awaiting the birth.

Simmons, a member of the legendary rap group Run DMC, was at Valley Hospital in Ridgewood New Jersey Tuesday for the birth of his child. Doctors delivered the baby via c-section, revealing a cruel twist of fate -- the baby girl was born with organs outside the body. The newborn died a short time later.

TMZ has learned that MTV cameras were inside the hospital at the time of the birth, though we do not know if they were in the delivery room.

YBF makes a valid point...As horrible as it would be that someone would make some sick shit like that up, I would like to hope it is a hoax, but I'm following the story!

This story could very well be a hoax. MTV themselves (who were reportedly at the hospital) does not have this news posted anywhere on their website. This is also not in any other news other than TMZ. Also, the Simmons daughters were spotted out partying with T.I. this weekend and that is suspicious to me seeing that the baby reportedly died Thursday night. If someone decided to make up a story like this, they have a special place down under. Developing...

Angela and Vanessa (with Common) partying in NYC over the weekend