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Rihanna - "Vogue"

Rihanna covers Madonna's "Vogue," Beyonce dazzles with "At Last," Justin tackles Marvin Gaye, and much more fashion and music collided on the 5th Annual Fashion Rocks' stage!

Beyonce - "At Last"

Chris Brown, Solange, Mariah Carey, Timbaland, Kid Rock and Mary J. Blige were also part of music special! See all the videos under the cut...Make sure to leave a comment on what you loved, liked, and hated.

Loved "At Last" but would we expect anything less? I was so impressed with Justin' cover of Marvin Gaye's "Get Up On It." Rihanna lip synced so I can critique too much, but I always say get on that treadmill and sing. Solange was borderline for me, it was pitchy in spots but girl has some confidence.

Chris Brown - "Forever"

Mariah Carey - "I'm that Chick"

Solange - "I Decided"

Timbaland with One Republic, Chris Connell, & PCD

Justin Timberlake - "Get Up On It" & with Beyonce - "Ain't Nothin' Like the Real Thing"
I'll add more as they become available...

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